Saturday, August 27, 2011

Princess wall art

Okay so here we have some of wall art created in about an hr using you guessed it, contact paper!!! I love the fact that I can peel it off and stick it somewhere else if and when I decide to move her furniture around. I love the look of the imperfect crown and scroll work. In fact this was the inspiration for the name of my blog, Imperfektly Perfekt! I hand painted it all onto contact paper, cut it out, removed the backing and pressed it to the wall. It was super easy and again exactly what I was looking for. All together this project only cost about $4.


  1. This is so great. I am going to get some Audrey Hepburn style stuff and try this in Bets' room. I think it will look great on the slate gray walls, with a top border of purple and trimmed out in black. I can do some scrollwork (or get YOU to do, and give her the elegant room shes working for.

  2. I LOOOVE this! The crown is just adorable! What a GREAT idea!

  3. Thanks Jeni!! I am so excited it turned out the way it did!!


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