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The journey from pile of flannel to cute kimono top pjs

These reversible kimono pajamas are cozy and cute!! They took me about 2 hrs from start to finish!! I made my own pattern from construction paper and measured my little princess twice before I cut anything. They turned out so cute and they will be perfect for the cold Minnesota winters!! I will altering the ballet slipper pattern I got from Jeni @ to make some warm slippers to go with, I will post them when I get them finished :-) Happy creating!!

Here is the tutorial for anyone wanting to make some for their little ones. This pattern is easy to follow and I have taken pictures at just about every single step. Here we go!! *Note I have not finished this tutorial. I will be back to guide you through the top.

 First you will need to gather your supplies.

You will need:
  • Construction paper
  • Sharp scissors
  • a measuring tape and your own adorable model
  • a pin cushion and straight pins
  • 1 1/4 yds each flannel fabric (2 different but matching fabrics for reversible size 24mo) 
You do not have to make them reversible I just love the look so I do!!
  • thread
  • basic sewing machine
  • a large safety pin
  • elastic or ribbon.

     Once you have gathered your supplies you can start making your patterns. I like to make mine out of heavy duty construction paper because they hold up well.
     First you need to measure your model. Remember to add 1/2 in to all measurements to allow for 1/4 in seam on either side!! You will need to measure from the top of the shoulder to the waist line or just past depending on how low you want the top to hang (image to right). Then you will need to measure across the back (or chest) from arm pit to arm pit (image below left). When you get your measurement add about 3 1/2 inches to allow for movement and 1/4 in seam. For the back of the pj's you will then need to divide your measurement by 2 since you will be cutting on a fold. Next you will need measure the length of the shoulder (image below right). Once you get your measurements mark all accordingly on your construction paper and trace a pattern to look like the one above, you should be able to connect the dots!! Next cut out your pj's back pattern.                                                   
      Now that you have your pj's back you will need a front (image above left). For this pattern you will need to measure from the top of your models shoulder across the chest to arm pit. You can place the back pattern that you just made on top of the construction to trace the arm pit hole and shoulder length. Then use the measurement you just took to make a dot where the kimono top will cross the chest and attach to the other side. Your pattern should look like the image above right when traced. Cut it out and hold up to the child so you can make any adjustments before you use it to cut out your fabric!!

For the sleeve, you will need to measure the your back pattern (the large curve) from the bottom of the shoulder to the arm pit (where we are going to connect the sleeve). Use that measurement for the top curved of this pattern. Measure from the bottom of your models shoulder to their wrist. This will be the longest measurement on this pattern. For the cuff loosely measure around your child wrist. Use your judgment on this measurement, it is meant to be loose fitting. Since this will be cut on a fold, cut your wrist measurement in half. Mark you measurements and connect the dots. Should look like image to the right.

     Now we will make the pattern for the pants, this one is way easier!! The only true measurements I made for this one are around the waist, waist to floor and inseam. For cuff I loosely placed the tape measure around my daughters ankle to get an idea of how wide I needed to make the ankle. When measuring around the waist add a couple inches for comfort and growth. The elastic or ribbon you will be using will keep them up :) Mark your measurements and connect the dots. Should look like the image to the left. Cut it out and hold it up to your model, make adjustments accordingly.
   Place all of your patterns on the fabric and cut them out make sure to cut the back, the sleeves, and the pant legs on the fold. Also if you are using a patterned fabric that has right side up, make sure you are placing you patterns right side up so you pieces will not be upside down when we try and sew them together :-) I have cut them upside down before and ended up back at hobby lobby buying more fabric.

     I always sew the pants first for two reasons, 1) they are easier than the top and 2) once they are done you get a boost of confidence if you are a beginner (I am not a beginner but I have been teaching beginner for a while).
    Place right side together and sew the inseam on both pant legs. Open the seam and press it. They should look like this when finished with this step.
 Next you need to turn ONE pant leg right side out like this.

Place right sides of pants together by placing on leg inside the other. Match up the crotch of the pants.
 Once you have matched up the crotch, pin together and sew.
 Open and press the seam.
 Turn right side out. You are almost there. I like to put them on my daughter at this point just to make sure. If your measurements for length were slightly off, don't panic, you can add a cuff. I always add a cuff it allows for a little bit of growth and I love the look!!
    Now you will need to make a waist band. For this you simply cut a 2 1/2 in wide strip of you fabric that is the size of your models waist plus about 7-8 in.
     Place WRONG sides together and sew the strip, DON'T CUT the thread short, you will need some length for the next step.
     Now gather the fabric of the waist band. To do this you take one piece of the thread and pull, the fabric should start to gather. As the fabric gathers you need to push it along down the length of the fabric or it will get stuck.
     Once you have the fabric gathered place it along the top of the pajama pant raw sides up. Pin the waist band and pants together. In the back the waist band should meet, take the raw edges and tuck them into the waist band in either side. DO NOT sew them together at this point or you will not be able to get your elastic/ribbon through the waist band. Sew the waist band to the top of the pants.
     Now you will string your elastic or ribbon. If you are using elastic you need to measure the waist of you model so the pants will fit snugly but not too tight. Use a large safety pin to string your elastic through the pants (you will use the hole you left in the back of the pants). Once you have your elastic through the waist band hand sew the waist band together. Once it is sewn together cover it with the fabric and you can now sew the back holes closed if you like.
     If you are using a ribbon, cut two small holes in the front of the waist band. String the ribbon through these holes on either side. You can now sew the back hole together keep the ribbon from slipping out. Tie a couple knots in the ribbon to prevent them from slipping into the pants when you wash them. Hem the bottom and you're done!!! You can a add a hem or make another pair of pants and sew them to the inside of these to make them reversible. If you get stuck at any point message me and I will get back to you ASAP :-)
 My sleeping model was too tired to pose, so I had to take pictures of the PJ's in action!!

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  1. I am excited to see the warm slippers :) I would LOVE a tutorial on the cute PJs!!!

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