Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applique wall art.

I know it has been a while BUT I have some really cute stuff today!! So my friend Alissa is due in 5 weeks and all the bedding is finally finished (I will post pics when I get them), and Alissa decided she wanted wall appliques, so I drove the three hours to her house to finish recovering the bassinet and make some wall appliques. She chose a giraffe, a rhino, a toucan, a tree frog, elephants, a zebra, a lion and a tiger. Once she was certain these were the animals she wanted we began the search for the perfect look. When she found the ones she wanted I drew them and then we blew them up to make them the sizes she needed. She picked up a bunch of cheap picture frames in various sizes from the thrift store and is planning to use them to stretch the appliques over, so she will be able to get the "canvas" look. So far we have the lion, the rhino, and the zebra done and I must say they are adorable!!! I will post the rest as we finish them!!!  What do you think so far??


  1. Very cool, and just the thing I would have loved to put up in Logan's room when he was little. Where was this four years ago!? :)

    Keep the good work coming!

  2. Girl you are awesome! So glad I stopped by to see what you have been up too! :) Those appliques are too cute! That is awesome! I can't wait to see the bedding! xoxo

    Jeni@ Becoming Martha


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