Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys

 My latest project has got me going bananas, literally!!! I am helping a friends make crib bedding and a twin sized comforter to match for her newest addition due December 1st!!! Here is what we have done today!!
Momma-to-be cutting out monkey snout.
 16 monkey bodies, 16 pairs of eyes and 16 monkey mouths
 Monkey bellies, foreheads and ears
 Monkeys will look like this when we get them done!!! Sooo in love with them :)
 Yellow monkey panel
 Green dots monkey panel
Blue monkey panel
 The momma-to-be fray checking the monkeys before I zigzag stitch them to the panels.
Various monkey parts. I will keep you updated as we go so keep checking back!!

These little guys are still coming along. At this point we had to stop and move the operation three hrs west to my friends house. Unfortunately I had to come home so she is continuing to work away. I cant wait to see how much progress she has made by the time I head back over in October.                                                 
Coming together only 14 more to go!!


  1. Grandmother of the Princess and LIttle ManSeptember 5, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    Hey...I thought you told me you didnt have a cutting board! Is that one yours or the Monkeys Mommas?

  2. I love monkeys! And while these will still have to deal with poo, at least they won't be throwing it! Ha ha...

  3. Lol....yes I guess that is true. If you're gonna have monkeys I guess these are the kind to have :-) We have finished the monkey faces, I will be posting the shortly. They turned out so cute.

  4. How cute Chelsea!!! I can't wait to see it all together! :) You are such a aweetheart for thinking of me, and offering your extra lock. I am going to Micheals tomorrow to see if I find anything in the scrapbook section. Armed with my 50% coupon ;) I love still LOVE to see yours!

    Jeni @Becoming Martha


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